3 Ways to Connect Your Beliefs and Desires

3 Ways to Connect Your Beliefs and Desires

Are you believing something about yourself yet your desire is the opposite of that belief. I know we have all had negative self talk at one point in time or another. However did you know that it is this negative self talk that is blocking your ability to reach your goals. In order to attain ones goals and dreams you must connect your beliefs with your desires. Ok here’s a few examples:

Ex. 1- Mary wants to be a Make-up Artist yet she keeps saying, “Everyone loves my make-up but no one’s gonna pay me to do theirs.”

Ex. 2- John wants to create art that can go on canvas and t-shirts to start his own business, yet he keeps telling himself his art isn’t good enough.

Ex.3- Shanta has always had a glowing smile however she began to tell herself after someone mentioning her crooked teeth that she really doesn’t like her smile.

What do you think happened to each of these people? Well let me tell you. Mary kept getting compliments on her makeup and even began to do others make-up for them because people actually believed she had skills. However she didn’t get paid for her services because she had already set up in her mind that it was not possible when she already had the proof.

John didn’t start his business because he believed he needed to perfect his skills before starting and always had an excuse for not making the time. He didn’t realize their are all types of art forms. It didn’t dawn on him that Art and it’s beauty is different for every buyer or collector. He could have started and perfected his skills along the way.

Shanta eventually stopped smiling because she had already set up in her mind that her smile was ugly to others because her teeth weren’t perfect. He made her less happy when she should not have allowed an imperfection to still away her joyful moments.

If this is you no matter the situation be it trying to loose weight, starting a business or any other goal; your beliefs are keeping you from achieving your desires. Your beliefs are just that which you believe about yourself. You must create the life you want to live by speaking it into existence. This is called positive self talk or speaking lovingly to yourself. You must believe you are capable of it before it is even possible. So lets talk about 3 ways to connect your beliefs and desires.

  1. Mind Changing- If your belief and your desire don’t match up you must change your mindset. A belief is defined as: an acceptance that a statement is true or that something exists. While desire is defined as: a strong feeling of wanting to have something or wishing for something to happen. A negative and positive thought cannot occupy the same space. You must decide which one you will feed.
  2. Affirmations – Affirmations whether spoken or visual can be extremely powerful. The saying “You are what you eat” applies also to what you feed the mind. Create an affirmation board or a affirmation mantra to say each day.
  3. Align your actions- Begin to do things that put you on the path to accomplishing your goals. A Dream without action will never come to pass.

When you begin to change the way you think it will change how you see yourself, family, business, etc. Affirmations come in many form for some we have notebooks or pads with motivational sayings, affirmation boards posted in our homes and offices, and for me personally it’s the artwork throughout my house such as pictures and statues.

Art by Wak & HeySugaFoot

These affirmations are a constant reminder of what you are trying to keep or are striving to attain. Reading is another way to change or keep the appropriate mindset to the path you want to be on. What we read and watch are a direct affect on our emotions and begin to shape our thoughts which create beliefs and encourage or discourage desires. I hope this helps you in aligning your actions and to getting on the path to accomplishing your goals.

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