Chicken Noodle

Chicken Noodle

Oh how we love our chicken noodle soup, one of the few dishes I can get Babygirl to eat without a fuss since she’s been in the picky eater phase. This is a meal that works great whether you’re on a budget or simply don’t have a lot of time. I typically only have to go to the store to pick up only two of the ingredients as my kitchen usually stays stocked with the others; which are the noodles and carrots. You can go to the farmers market and get the large bag of carrots cut them up and freeze them if you have a food saver which I love doing. However this can be time consuming to do ahead of time but will save time on the back end as well as money.


10-12 cups of water depends on how much juice you want
1/4 cup bouillon granules or season how you like (I use Chicken bouillon)
3 pieces of chicken or 1 breast halve (when using pieces; use legs and/or thighs)
1/2 pack of baby carrots, cut up (optional)
Pack of No yolk Noodles or similar brand
can of Cream of Mushroom or Cream of Chicken ( I like to mix)
add 1 Tbsp. Butter or you can use Earth’s Balance as a substitute
*Note: Short cut to chicken is adding the cut up pack of grilled chicken found in meat section which really speeds this up to a 30 minute or less meal prep.


In large enough pot add the first 4 ingredients. Cook for 45 minutes or until chicken begins to fall away from bones. If using breast it will be easier if you cut it up to tell when done though it will begin to fall apart.
Add noodles and cook about 10 minutes till done
Add cream of your choice: Chicken, Mushroom or half and half mix.
Add butter or substitute if you choose and dinner is served.
I hope you enjoy! If you know how to turn this into a vegan meal please share as I would love to try. Until next time “It’s Been D’Lish Dishing with y’all.”


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