Herb Fish

Herb Fish

Came up with this in an effort to make fish differently since I was out of Vidalia onion dressing. I also needed to use my Land o lakes seasonings.

This is a 3 ingredient dish, yay!
– 8pcs. Fish filets ( I used both whiting & tilapia)
– 3 squares of Land O’ Lakes “Italian Herb” Sauté Express
– 1 tbsp. Old Bay seasoning

1- Sprinkle each piece of fish with seasoning.
2- cut each square into thirds and place over pieces of fish. Then bake in bakeware on 400° for 45 minutes. Remember to cover with foil or lid.

Alternative method
If you are unsure if your dish will melt properly you can melt squares in skillet and coat fish then sprinkle with old bay and place in dish.
Note: I am cooking in stoneware which cooks much different than glass, stainless steel or aluminum.
As always it’s been D’lish dishing with y’all; enjoy!

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