Knowing when to switch it up when homeschooling

Knowing when to switch it up when homeschooling

The Prime truck just delivered Babygirl’s books. If you’ve ever homeschooled you know that the curriculum must be adapted to the individual child and if you plan to homeschool you will discover it during your journey.  So when we first started we chose to use technology as I thought this would be the best option after all it seem the simplest and I thought hey it will free up my time as it would do most of the work. Ha the joke was on me, fat chance I was getting out of anything and rightly so. I realized I really needed to take a more hands on approach at least until middle school and a routine had been established. My lovely child who is apparently too smart for her own good had figured out how to trick and bypass the system and because of this she was not learning the work. As a parent it is ultimately our responsibility to ensure their learning whatever that looks like; we must do the work as well as them. I knew I didn’t want to be the parent that said I wish I had invested more time or it’s my fault she is behind in her learning so I jumped in the driving seat. We’ve tried a variety of tools such as online learning, Raz-kids, Moby Max, Time 4 Learning, ABC Mouse, Khan Academy, Kids A-Z, and Vocabulary Spelling City. Technology is truly not her friend; I realized just alone with the math on the computer she kept getting it wrong however when I’d write problems on the dry erase board and allow her to work them out they were always correct, wow huh. So long story short we are going old school, yes doing things the old fashioned way in all its simplicity can solve so many problems. It always me to know exactly what she is doing and when, yes I have to correct it but hey this is all a part of homeschooling; it really isn’t for the faint of heart. I mean that in the nicest way. This homeschooling thing is an extra job. No matter the tools you choose be sure it fits your child’s learning style, it cover the required areas of content (math, language arts, etc…) and you are checking his or her progress along the way. I hope this was helpful and here’s what we choose for our homeschool lessons:


Math Lessons for a Living Education


Exploring Creation with Zoology 1: Flying Creatures of the Fifth Day

Language Arts

180 Days of Language

180 Days of Reading

180 Days of High Frequency Words

180 Days of Writing

Social Studies

180 Days of Geography

Urban Intellectuals Black History Flashcards Vol.1


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