Leveling Up My Health

Leveling Up My Health

So I’m really doing this thang. Leveling up my health. Yea I know my family and friends are like child how much more healthy you gone eat. You know they say you are what you eat and well my habits were getting out of control at least with sweets. Sugar will make the brain go wonky and well now we simply can’t have that; I’ve got an empire to build and a company to run outside of being super mom or so they think I am.

Twelve years ago I gave up pork and well let’s just say my health got better in many ways; most importantly mental clarity. I began cooking from scratch beyond the three meals that I had become known for simply because I wanted to know what was in the foods I was feeding my family and myself.  Yes even after removing pork from our diet, cooking homecooked meals and baking my sweets except on special occasion I felt I needed to up my game only I knew this time I’d be solo.

After meeting some really supportive folks at a workshop I was a vendor at “Yoniverse to Universe” I felt really motivated and empowered to forge ahead. I decided to take that road I’d been pondering on for so long; like Nike says, “Just Do It.” I’ve been on a roll since Friday going meatless. I thought I’d just get myself to 4 days a week doing a meatless diet but no the competitor in me said girl we doing the damn thing. I have gone 6 days now meatless. And no I haven’t slipped. I’ve even cooked meat twice this week for the family and didn’t even want it. What did I make, well two of my favorites: Lasagna and a Baked Mustard Chicken but I wasn’t phased. When you have a mind shift it will definitely light a fire under you. I encourage you to get around a group of people or at least connect somehow like thru facebook or text messaging to get that encouragement and guidance you need. Understand this is my way of approaching a healthier way. Whether you choose a vegan, vegetarian, paleo, keto or blood type based diet be sure to do your own research and find what is best for you; your body will let you know what works and what doesn’t pay attention.

Want to know what I ate this week:

Day 1 – oatmeal/baked potato w/avocado

Day 2 – falafel, pineapple salsa w/ tortilla chips, mixed fruit/Salad w/cucumber and tomato/green smoothie

Day 3 – Grits/Edamame bowl, green smoothie, Caesar Salad/bake potato w/avocado

Day 4 – Bagel w/vegan butter/Kale salad, Rosemary & Sea salt chips/Edamame bowl, green smoothie

Day 5 – Oatmeal/ kale salad, Rosemary & Sea salt chips/ plum/Baked potato w/ avocado

Day 6 – Special K cereal/ baked potato w/ avocado, green smoothie/ Rosemary & Sea salt chips/ kale salad

If you gave me encouragement I thank You!!!!

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