What Our Customers Have to Say

Apryl Beverly
The Million-Dollar Word Stylist

I purchased the “HEAD 2 TOE LOVE” TRIPLE BUTTER” about four weeks ago, and my skin is already noticeably softer. PLUS, the breakouts I was attempting to treat with cortisone creams have disappeared with the daily use of the Triple Butter. I moisturize my skin with the Triple Butter morning and night for a silky-smooth finish. In fact, I never leave home without it and neither should you!

Julean Harris

My hair and my beard has never felt so soft and smooth. I have a hard time finding the right products that won’t flake my hair up or dry my face up more than if I didn’t use moisturize but this is perfect.

Jasmine Womack

I absolutely love ABT. The lip scrub and shea butter is AMAZING and left my skin feeling soft and silky, without that residue feeling. I also had comfort knowing that Vee put love and positive energy into her products, and that everything is made with all natural ingredients. Try her products, you will be more than satisfied!

Jerra Latrice

I use to think I was doing something with my beauty supply shea butter, until I received a sample of the Head 2 Toe body butter from Levista. After that, I was hooked! The quality is incomparable!! I absolutely love the lemongrass scent, and the lavender scent is my second favorite. I also ordered the lip scrub. You won’t regret ordering from Artisan Body Treats!!

Timika Kelly

The Head 2 toe-Triple Butter (lavender) body butter is absolutely amazing and has such a warm crisp scent. It spreads so smoothly and I love the way it makes my head and body feel…And then the soap gives a nice clean moisturized experience.

Alesia White

I use the mother’s love soap it is great,I have sensitive skin so I cannot use just anything. This soap keeps my face and body feeling clean. It also helped my grand daughters eczema. I recommend using a mothers love soap for everyone.

Terrence Guinn

So my husband has this package arrive and says to me “baby we have to try this body butter” I’m like ok sure. So from the moment I felt the texture I love this product. It moisturizes your skin all day long. It’s not greasy at all. My skin has never felt so good. It even helped with my dry feet lol. I will for sure continue to use this product.

Terrica Ragland-Smith

I’ve tried the all natural lip balm and absolutely fell in love with it. Anyone who knows me knows I love my lip chap and it’s always one around somewhere. This balm made my lips feel moisturized and gave a slight glossy look that wasn’t too overbearing at the same time. I will definitely be purchasing the balm again and I can’t wait to try the head to toe butter next!!!!!