Why I Started A Skincare Business

Why I Started A Skincare Business

I started Artisan Body Treats out of necessity; I needed to create a solution to my daughter’s dry-itchy skin. There is nothing like a mother on a mission to ease the suffering of her child. I was tired of watching as she sat on the floor scratching at her legs as if it were a job she was getting paid to do. Doctors were telling me she has eczema she needs this and that cream, you’ll need to bathe her in this soap and apply this steroid cream on her. Well needless to say none of these things worked and I’m simply not a fan of steroids let alone any other drugs for that matter. So it became necessary to find a solution that would work.

I was on a mission as my days and nights were filled with researching just the right ingredients. Those days and nights turned into weeks and needless to say through much research, trial an error I came up with a recipe that worked great for her sensitive skin. But it didn’t stop there while the itching had calm down it was still an issue. I noticed it always started after bath time so again I was determined to solve this too.

As a result of my dedication to being her problem solver and having the determination like a dog with a bone my goal to come up with a solution to her problem turned into a business. The products created for her were the “Baby Love” Triple Butter & “Mother’s Love” Unscented Soap; she’s since graduated to the “Mother’s Love” Lavender Soap. By creating the products myself I was able to ensure the products were created with integrity and truly 100% all natural but decided to take it a step further by making them vegan. All of the products created are made in small batches with love and care; tested on my family and testers, never on animals.

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